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Ingo's 44 Ingo has a very late Type44 and writes:
"Here is the data about my ring-vehicle:
Audi 100 quattro Sport, 2.3E, 98kW, first registration: 11/90, 170000km (106000miles), engine: NF with 3-way catalytic converter, gearbox AAK, colour: blue-green metallic.   Extras: Chromed grill surrounding, red taillights, aluminium rims, green tinted stripe at the windscreen, grey leather, electronic air conditioning, power windows, power rear view mirrors, sliding roof (manually *grin* as everything else is electric), heated seats, ski bag, seat height adjustable, additional instruments, headlights adjustable to different loads, ABS, headrests in the back, reading lights, genuine Audi rear speakers.
So, that is all I can think of now."
I think that's ok :)


Micheal's V8 Michael from Austria writes about his V8:
"I once had a '90 Audi 100 2.3e, in silver, which I had to sell last year, as I did no longer have the money for it. Currently I drive an '89 V8 3.6. To the history of the car: I bought it in April '99 from the second owner. Sadly he did not care much for the car. I bought it for around 7800US$. Well, since then, I have repaired pretty much all what can be repaired. It all begun with a defect A/C compressor which took the belt with it when it broke on the Autobahn. After that all brakes went down south, the rear calipers had to be replaced totally, central locking on driver's and co-driver's side were defect, new summer tires and I had the suspension angles readjusted.
And now it stands once again at my private mechanics... cylinder-head sealing broken, machining the head, refit the valves, new heating-cooler of the A/C, new under-pressure pump of the cruise control. I hope that's it" We wish you luck!

Ralph's C4

Ralph writes about some of his Audis, he's driven so far:
"I enthusiastically drive Audi since 1989 and I am very convinced of the quality.
To the pics:
The Audi 90 quattro is from 1987, 2,5l Öttinger with 3-way catalytic converter, 170 PS, 40mm (1.6") lower.
The Audi 100 Type 44 is from 1990, 2,3l, all options, 7x15 Bugatti aluminium rims with 215/60VR15.
My current Audi 100 is a 2,6l V6, from 1994, nearly all options, 9x17 Porsche Cup with 245/40ZR17.
By the way, this is my 12th Audi, and surely not the last."

Marian's S2 Limo

Marian owns one of the rare Audi 80 S2 Limos:
"I am the third owner and the extras were not very complete, so I installed wood, Porsche brakes and steel-flex brake-lines :). He has quite some kilometers done, but is very well cared after. It really is a pitty that only 206 were built, but I got one after 3 years of searching :) Otherwise it's stock and I won't change the optical appearance, as I think that at least some of them should remain stock."
Marks A6 Mark not only has a crazy Type44, his second car, this A6 C4 TDI with 140PS is also more than fully loaded. The first owner chose one third of the basic price as extras! So instead of around 60.000DM, the car did cost over 80.000DM in 3/95. But of course, this was not enough for Mark:
"Exhaust with double tail pipes, 2x70mm (2.75") diameter, stainless steel; side markers, white, by MHW; springs by Eibach, about 30-40mm (1.2" TO 1.6"); power windows touch-up automatic from '95 A6, drivers's side; rearlight panel from '97 S6, red form Hella. Summer tires, AUDI S6 1999: 8Jx17 ET35 Design "AVUS" with 245/40 ZR17 DUNLOP SP8000; winter tires 6Jx15 steel rim with
195/65 TR 15 KLEBER M+S; rear view mirrors Audi S6 1999, aluminium, equal size left and right!!! gear-shifter knob genuine Audi, wood, 6 gears; three cup holders from A6 1995; freely programmable relais for the windscreen wipers, form Golf IV. Central locking safety switch from A6 1997" Now, the trailer hitch is gone and the roof-rails (?) are chromed ones.


Hans' C4 After Hans sold his Type44 in late April, he was happy a while with his C4, but read for yourselves:
"On Wednesday, 2nd May I registered the C4 and on Thursday, 3rd May I crashed into an Opel Zafira. The Opel had hit a deer which did land in the Opel's windscreen. Thanks to ESP and ABS, the Opel had a shorter stopping distance than I did from 37mph. Sad, sad. Now the C4 stands at the body shop and gets repaired. If it is ready, pics will come!""
Well, the C4 is ok again, as the picture shows! Once again Hans:
"2.3 E with 133 PS, 1/1992, power windows, roof, mirrors; radio with CD, Bordcomputer and Autocheck, heated seats, ski bag and and and
Outside: 7Jx15 MIM with 205/60 R 15, "AP Fahrwerksbau" springs with 40/20mm (1.6"/0.8") lowering ACCORDING to the company, but it went down 65mm (2.6") in front and 40mm in the back! Complete S4 taillights, ellipsoid headlights from the S4, TDI front skirt with different air intakes, winter tires on aluminium rims....."


Chick's Coupé Chick writes about his Coupé conversion:
"I have the only S2 Abt "looking" Coupe in the US. All body surfaces are pearl white now. The wheels are 17x7.5 Rial Carreras. It has many mods, but still has the 7A engine. It is waiting for a nice 20V turbo."
Please keep us updated on that!
Klaus' Type44 Klaus writes about his Audi 200:
"It's an '85 model, with a 304PS and 389Nm strong 10V engine with 2119ccm. The power accumulated over three years and was recorded in April 1995 by the company Digit in Switzerland, where the last evolution stage took place with adjusting the chip."
In addition to that, Treser rearlights, aluminium rims, lowering, double exit rear muffler and worked fenders. As nice as the car is, Klaus wants to sell it.
Tobias' 20V Tobias writes about his 20V:
"Of course I won't withhold you my Audi ;-) Therefore here you have my Audi. It's a pitty that you cannot see the special paint that sparkles awesomely in the sun. If I get a DigiCam soon, I'll send some better pics, but this one is not bad, either."
Right, but there cannot be too much pics ;)
Stephan's Type89 Stephan writes about his Type89:
""He" is a 1989 Audi 90 with the 2 litres fivecylinder. I drive him for two years now and he has nearly 200000km (124000mls) on the clock. The nice thing about him is, that he has never let me down nor caused any problems. If I were to decide, I'll keep him for the next three years, till I finish my studies in mechanical engineering. Till now it looks fine, just passed the TÜV without any faults *happy*.
After that I will buy another Audi of course. My dream would be the Allroad... But I better continue to save some money..."
Never give up! Used cars are cheaper! ;)

Models Racing Special
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