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Andreas' Typ44 Andreas writes about his 100:
"I am online for a short time now and happy that there are some fans of the Type44. Technical Data: T44Q, 2.3 NF, white pearleffect, 65mm (2.6") lowered (Spax, K.A.W.), exhaust Group-A self built, black Treser rearlights, completely tinted windows, white turning signals, grill spoiler, 30cm (11.8") diameter Raid steering wheel, K+N Sportluftfilter, front spoiler combination Audi 200 with 100, Airbrush, rims 7x15 with Toyo Proxes T1-S 205/55, Treser sticker (QUATTRO) on the doors... I think it's quite nice! Sadly, the pic is not really uptodate, but I'll gladly send in a new one when the summer tires are on!"
Okay! Keep the pics comming! ;)
Fredy's B4 Fredy writes about his B4:
"As I wanted to have a supadupa-normally-aspirated car [really untranslateable], I bought my current partner in life. It is an Audi 80 B4 V6 2.8 with 236 PS, blue-black, S2 skirt, 60mm (2.4") lowered (30mm (1.2") Audi sport suspension wasn't enough. H+R springs and Monroe gas-shocks), sport exhaust from the catalytic converter on backwards, grill spoiler, grill by Abt, 28cm (11") Momo, K+N air filter, rims 7.5x16 with 225/40. I had no money for the music, as I currently do my military service. But it will be done...."
You can see more at his page. (Netscape user need not click the link, it is for MS IE only.)
Matthias' Type44

Matthias writes about his Type44:
"At first, we had a '84 Golf II Diesel. But then a friend offered a Type44 from his father-in-law in September. He advertised it as "a great car, undestroyable, cared for, little mileage". We said "No, thanks!" without even looking at the car (too expensive fix costs, higher fue consumption, premium fuel and so on...). Then, two months later, he tried again. I started recalculating and searched for infos (technic, common problems, future repairs/costs to be expected through your homepages. I started to like the thought of driving a big car and even a 5cylinder. My first was a '82 Audi 100, my father always drove Audi. And I only found positive things: Cheaper to operate than that small Golf, more quiet, more powerful, more stable and more beautiful!!

So, shortly before the friend would have sold it to a dealer, I became the owner!
Here is the data:
5cylinder NF, 02.90, 87.oookm (54000Miles), ABS, tinted windows, sliding roof, trailer hitch, heated rear view mirrors, wheels are 205 on 15", offset 38mm (this required to readjust the Panhard-rod on the rear axle to ensure that the axle is exactly in the middle and the tires would fit), great condition (Garage car - no contact to salt, even if the body probably wouldn't care), it was only driven during summer holidays. I payed 5000DM (around 2400$) for it in late 2000."
Now (October 2001) Matthias also has white turning signals and a black-haired shacking Elvis!
Matthias' newest "extra" is a cool drawing of his 44!

Arno's Type43 GL 5D Avant Arno writes about his Type43:
"I send some pics of the now very rare Type43 Avant 5D GL. A few sentences about the car: Built in 81; less than 160000km (100000Miles) on the clock, very much cared for and in original condition, not restored or modified.
Best wishes form Austria!"
To speak of this car as being "very rare" is almost an understatement! And to find another one in this great condition should be very hard!
Jeremy's 200 20V

Jeremy of has a beautiful 200 20V and writes:
"Oh, I don't know what to say, but here's a list....
Stage 3 Intended Acceleration chip (peak--19psi), 944 Turbo bypass-valve, K&N filtercharger, full Scorpion stainless steel exhaust, AP Lockheed 4pot calipers, Coleman x-drilled 310mm front rotors, Coleman x-drilled rear rotors, S.S. brake lines, brake bias valve, 2Bennett coilovers w/ adjustable Spax inserts, 340f/300r Eibach ERS springs, 2B camber plates w/ mono-balls, 8.5x18 BBs rims, Euro headlights w/ Hella relays, 80/100w H4's, 110w PIAA H3's, MHW clear sidemarkers, V8 taillights, Alpine 6-disc changer, VDO boost gauge in custom panel,

factory sport seats. I plan on doing some major work to the turbo system in the near future. Revised suspension and different wheels will come soon as well. It's my first Audi and I love it!"

Ed's Coupe Ed of writes about his Coupé:
"Audi Coupe GT, 2.3L NG. Upgrades:
H&R Springs, Bilstein shocks, BLAUfergnugen Rear sway bar, G-60 double piston front caliper w/ 11" rotors, Power disk brakes front and back, 3 angle valve job, Polished head and intake malifold, 270 Cam, Stiffer valve springs, K&N air filter, modified air box--not swiss cheese look--, stainless steel brake lines, stainless steel oil cooler hoses, stainless steel Stebro Sport Exhaust 2", Speedline Audi 15" wheels, short-UR rear spoiler, BMW side turn signals, etc... too much to list"
Bernd's Type43 Bernd writes about his Audi 100:
"Audi 100 Type 43: First date of registration: December 4th, 1979. First owner: Oettinger for four months. After that, it was driven 22 years by an old Lady and had only 41000km (25500miles) on the clock when I got it. It is in stock condition and nearly rustfree."
JShadzi's Type89 Javad writes about his crazy Type89:
"MC turbo engine, programmable EFI, custom intake manifold w/VR6 throttle body, Spearco single pass intercooler, 3" exhaust, estimated 300hp, 2Bennett coil over with Koni externally adjustable struts, modified front and custom rear swaybar, B4 strut tiebar, Delrin control arm bushings. 2Bennett Big red front brakes, 25mm master cylinder, stainless lines. 18" MAK wheels with 215/35 Nitto tires." More info can be found at his great site Audi 80tq!
Thorsten's C5 Thorsten has a lot to tell about his C5 (and some things I don't know how to translate): "As a real Audi freak I'd like to have my speedy in the WWW, too. Therefore I included a pic. Here a few details:
Audi A6 4.2 quattro, registration date: 01.08.2000; he has the the following: Navi-Plus with 6x CD changer, Audi-telephone between the front seats, multi functional steering wheel, accoustic parking system, Xenon, solar sunroof, S6 rear view mirrors "retractable" and automatically dimming, inboard rear view mirror automatically dimming. Sport suspension by Audi, but it has to get deeper (see picture),
removeable trailer hitch, leather seats with driver's memory and 2 places in the back, 4xseat heating, 10x18 with 265/35/18 Yokohama (front & back), track broadeners (f & b) custom built to enhance free space and excellent round spinning, Fortex stainless steel last muffler with 90mm (3,5") pipes left and right.
So, all in all a pretty nice vehicle which makes driving a real blast."
"Pretty nice vehicle"? The man seems to have fallen for understatement! ;)

Oliver's collection Perhaps you remember Oliver with the many Audis. Recently he has bought some more and saved them from becoming compact blocks of steel. Here is a tiny overview of his collection:
"I bought this Audi 100 GL5S 04/78 in 1995 with 38.000km (24000miles) from a 100year old. He was the first owner. The car is reseda green metallic, has steel sliding roof, central locking, powersteering, power antenna, power windows, radio Grundig with four speakers, windows in broncecolor (brass colour?) and automatic. I drove it 60.000km (37miles) in one year. Now he rests in my barn, polished and all wearing parts replaced.
The Audi 100 Avant CD 5E 09/79 joined me in 2000 from a 86year old physician. It had 105.000km (65000miles) on the clock. The colour is onyx green metallic. It is equipped with a genuine Audi catalytic converter, automatic and all!!!! extras like cruise control, powersliding roof,power windows, power steering, central locking, air conditioning, headlight cleaning, fog lights, rear fog light, aluminium rims, seat heating in the front, headrests in the back [standard in the front], ski bag, automatic nivelling, power antenna and radio Puebla Stereo CR. It, too, serviced me one summer long and now has 144.000km (89000miles). Only the paint could use some refreshing.
In the middle a view at four beautiful Audis. In the front an Audi 80 LS Type 81 from 1978 in inari silver metallic with 28.000km, on the right my '84 Audi 80 quattro with 136PS KK engine, on the left my '72 2-door Audi 100 LS and behind them all my Audi 90 from 86, hardly visible."
Save Audis, rent barns! :)

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