Audi has gained quite a lot of its reputation in its motorsport activities. The factory activities alone are so numerous that i have devides them in subcategories.

Here you can go to:

  • Rallye
  • Here the quattro saga has begun image map
  • Pikes Peak
  • An unbelievable course, a fantastic success
  • TransAm
  • The 200tq among US Bigblocks
  • IMSA
  • The 90tq: extreme touringcar
  • Talladega
  • A black 200tq sets world records
  • DTM
  • A giant among dwarfs
  • STW
  • 80 and A4 against the rest of the world
  • DTM2000
  • The future in touringcar racing?
  • LeMans
  • 24h debut
  • Others
  • There were other interesting series, too!

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