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Daniel's 100 Sport

Daniel has made quite a few mods on his 100 Sport Avant:
"So now the text for my car, a 100 Avant quattro Sport:
From the factory:
engine code NF 98kW/133PS | titan metallic LY7P | leather steering wheel and shifter | additional instruments | reinforced sport suspension (nevertheless one-piston ATE brakes up front) | 7.5J15 with 215/60V15 | ABS | speedometer 280km/h | rear window wiper | manual sliding roof | Sport seats in Satin with quattro lettering | driver's seat adjustable in height | power mirrors, heated | 4x power windows | cargo area with one height | head rest in the back | cargo bay cover | automatik belt at th center position in the rear | those thingies on the roof | fog lights

Details changed by me:
chromed door liners | those things you see when you open the doors and step into the car are chromed ones from the V8 | genuine Audi three spoke sport steering wheel | leather shifter knob (non-Audi) | retrofitted Autocheck and Bordcomputer | 4x reading lights | power sliding roof | 20V bumpers front and back | fog lights in the fron 20 V bumper (of course in the front one :)) | BBS 8J16 rims from the V8 with Dunlop SP2000 225/50ZR16 | H&R 40mm springs with Koni yellow | during winter 15mm Soffset-plates with stock tires on Ronal aluminium rims 6J15 | stainless steel rear muffler from the MC engine with 80mm (3.2") pipe | ventilation exits for the backseats | white turning signals in the front | 200er centre piece for the rearlights | level cargo area replaced with MDF plate (pressed wood) | Canton Pullman RS4 system in the rear, Protovision 264 | MB Quart 10cm in the dashboard, 16cm Pioneer in the rear doors, Audison 435 XLR | Alpine 7638R with 1214er Wechsler underneath the cargo area | Chromolux on the rear side windows and the rear window | 4x genuine Audi foot carpets | Aluminium pedals from Foliatec
rear muffler from the C4Q with double pipes | Treser rearlights | a bit more lowering in the front :) | Sport leather interior with heated seats and large middle armrest | middle muffler from the MC | drilled brake disks all around | twin piston brake in the front, ventilated disks in the rear | V8 4.2 ant-sway bar | shorten the shifter | detachable tow-bar from a 200 20V | make-up mirrors left and right with lights | V8 mirrors with memory | car alarm with radio remote control
I think that was the most important stuff :)"
I hope so, too, because next time you translate! ;P


Mario's 5000


Mario from Lake Tahoe writes about his 5000:
"This is my 5000 now and I'm still going to fix up the engine and other things. I have 16x 7 rims with 215/60/16 aquatred tires and don't plan to lower it. I live in the Mountains, in my area of residence lowering could result in major underside repairs as potholes, rocks, tree branches and various other things can be found in the road. Maybe a suspension that will raise and lower at my desire in the future. I had always envisioned that long before the allroad quattro like 1984 when I had the coupe."


Andris' S2


Andris writes about his S2 Coupé:
"I am from Latvia and I have been an Audi fan all my live having owned: Audi Coupe Quattro 2.2 '85; Audi 80 1.6 '95; Audi Coupe 2.6 Quattro '91; and now an Audi S2. I love this car a lot and I just recently finished repainting it in Standox Catalunya Chameleon color and finished all body modifications. It has many styling modifications as well as engine upgrades and audio system. I am also a rally driver driving an Audi A4 1.8 turbo Quattro." [Definitively check out his rallye A4!]


Markus' Type44


Markus describes his seriously customized Type44:
"My Audi is an Audi 100 Turbo Quattro, built in 9/89, has run 180000km (112500miles), engine: 2,2 Turbo 165PS/121kW, colour: VW Black Magic metallic pearleffect (new paint), interior: complete V8 leather with power memory seats (heated), power windows all around, central locking with remote control, power sliding roof, cargo nets on the backside of both front seats. Four head rests, ski sack (?), three reading lights, V8 wood, door handles in body colour, Borbet 7,5x17 Zoll with 225/45-17 Fulda Carat Extremo, read taillights, power rear view mirrors (heated), windscreen with green colour stripe, Remus (genuine), chromed grille surrounding, Sony CD Radio with full graphic display and 10x CD changer, 2 amplifiers with

1x 600 Watt and 1x 400 Watt, 1 subwoofer 800 Watt, 2 Pioneer 3way speakers, each 250 Watt, 2 Kennwood 4way speakers with 200 Watt each, Nokia 6210 with hand-free installation, Zender all around, flared fenders in the rear, electronic air condition with new compressor, power steering, first aid set in the rear middle arm rest, sun blinds at the rear side windows and rear window (genuine Audi), resprayed dashboard (stock blue, now black), board computer, additional instruments, fog lights."


Michi's A8


Michael came to his V8 in a slightly unforeseen way:
"About two years ago I sent a pic of my V8. I sadly put him against a tree and then sold him as a "complete loss" to the insurance company :( Here now a pic of my current vehicle (after a bit of here and there I cannot get my hands off Audi). This time it is an A8 4.2 Quattro built in 96. It more or less has all the electric gizmos you can get and as an optical enhancement is a black grille and a Romulus sport exhaust. The most fun I get out of the solar sliding roof as the car will not get above 35-40C (around 100 Fahrenheit if you like strange units). Also very useful is the "Rest" function of the air condition. With it, the car continues to heat without iognition, using th remaining heat energy stored in the engine block, very useful during wintertime."


Nick's 200


Nick writes about his delicious 200:
"It is a 1990 200Quattro, 10v with the following mods:
SJM Chip with 1.8 bar wastegate spring, Dialynx Sport Intercooler, 20v Boost bypass valve, TAP Strut Brace, Euro Lights with relay harness, H&R Springs with Boge Turbogas Shock Absorbers, auxillary Injector Controller (comes in at .9 bar).
The best part is that at 123k miles the engine is perfect."


Markus' Cabrio


Markus writes:
"In our family, too there are some Audis floating around. My parents and me all drive Audi and now I'd like to send a picture of of my mother's Convertible. My own little Audi will follow. A few technical data:
Audi Cabrio built in 4/92, km: 86000 (54000 miles), nearly fully loaded, except for power roof. K&N sport air filter. 7.5x16 aluminium rims with 225/50 ZR16 tires from Goodyear, the front is from JE-Design and the car is really loved."


René's Type44


René from Switzerland writes:
"This is my Audi 100 2.3, built in 1988. I bought it for about 1500 Euro (roughly 1500US$), what was a fair offer regarding the good equipment and 180000km (112t miles). Now (14.07.02 = July 14th, 2002) it has 198'000 km (124tmiles) on the clock and runs more or less trouble free. Only the hydraulic pump makes problems and the drive shafts slowly make themselves heard. My Audi is equipped with power windows, CD car stereo, fog lights, Procon-ten, Anti-lock-brakes, power mirrors, central locking, four reading lights, three speed automatic transmission and Velours seats.

In the summer break I will surely try to see how fast it still can go. In Switzerland my maximum speed (only for a very short while) is 170km/h (106mph). Even this has its problems, as you are only allowed to drive 120km/h (75mph).
So long, many greetings from Switzerland to all Audi drivers!"

Models Racing Special
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