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Dan's Type85

Dan writes about his clean 4000:
"I have a 1986 Audi 4000CS quattro and it has just under 200,000 miles on it...198,830 to be exact and counting. It's a daily driver to and from work, school, track, and social life. It's a beast on wheels. Starts right up, drives hard, and will last forever (no need to knock on wood). My first Audi was a 1987 4000 non-quattro. And after driving the quattro for quite some time I will never go back to the FWD. The mods that are done to the car are H&R lowering springs, Boge gas turbo shocks/struts, Brembo front rotors, Dunlop SP 8000 tyres, K&N filter, custom strut tower bar, rear sway bar and Stebro exhaust system. My future mod plans are a full auto-cross roll cage, either

euro head light conversion kit or Xenon headlamp kit, possible body kit ( Porsche brakes (front) list goes on those are the major things. Maybe a 1.8T AR motor swap. Anyways, here is the pic."

Walter's Audi 50

Walter closes another gap within the visitors' cars with his Audi 50:
"About my Audi 50 in miamiblue: '76, 85000km (53000miles), many welding done, wheel arches, rocker panels, front and rear sheet metal, bottom newly painted. 1.3ltr Polo 2 GT engine, with 40 Dellortos, Schrick cam shaft with 284 degrees, special exhaust manifold, Gillet exhaust and around 85PS, Koni suspension and Eibach special suspension, suitable for Slaloms. G40 brakes, roll cage and racing seat, Rial aluminium rims from '81(!) or BBS racing rims with Racings from the Formula Junior. Interieur only metal, but light and fast. Handling is pretty forgiving and easy to handle, despite some drifting on the Norschleife of Castle Only. The cooler is too small, an additional oil cooler is planned. Solely a fun car, no

ambitions to do motorsports, components used and from our storage. Costs less than 1000US$, 400hours of work."
More Audi 50? Visit Walter's page!

Wayne's V8

Wayne writes about his V8:
"I have three Audis, all quattros. One is an '88 80q another is a '91 100q and new to me last week a 91 V8q 5 speed manual. One of 50 imported into the US in 1991 only, with a 1993 4.2 moter in it 17" BBS RX wheels Michelin Pilots, Boge HD Shocks all around and a custom exhaust system. Very fast. It has 175,000miles (282000km) on the clock and just had a new timing belt, water pump, all the seals, new Hydro pump,

new AC compressor, new AC condenser (We need this here in Florida as it is hot and humid most of the time.), also replacement of parking braking cables and new rotors and pads front and rear. Plan to drive it a while..."

Bengt's Type85
Bengt from Norway drives this cool black Type85. I like the view from the rear very much! Bengt writes:
"The car: 1986 Audi 90 CC Type 85, Oettinger tuning on engine (2.5 litres). est. 160-175 hp (don't know actually) 3 speed automatic, Jamex Sportline lowered suspension: 60mm (2.4") front, 40mm (1.6") rear, quattro interior, ABS, RH 7x15" with 205/50 tyres, Audi 4000S rear lights.
It has rolled 217tkm (135'000miles) without any trouble...
If there is someone out there with a little bit of information about the Oettinger engine, please email me at"
Other Oettinger Type85 can be found here and Ralph here once had one.
Type81 Coupe
Type81 Coupe

Stefan has three Coupés, two of them he is presenting here:
"For some variety, they are a bit older:
The red one is my absolutely fantastic summer car. Built in '81, 160tkm (100tmiles) and in absolut ely good stock condition! (Well, he could be washed again - those neighbour's cats...) The car simply is fun! Nice weather, open window and carburetor and let the 5cylinder turn - great!
The brown one is my newest aquisition. Cost: 0,-!!!! It is hard to believe that you have to save something like that from becoming scrap metal! People just don't have taste today. I got him through a paper note like you got your Type43 [here]. Also not spoiled and good condition of metal and technic. Eventhough it's only a fourcylinder (90 PS, 1.8 l), it runs well for its 18 years, respectively (only!) 125 TKm (78tmiles). Well, that gem will be safely stored and awaken later.

What is missing in the picture collection is my actual winter car - a dark blue Coupé from 1985 (4Cyl., 90 PS, 1.8 l), but changed to look "old" (twin headlights, narrow bumpers,...) But he is standing rather unsuitable for pictures in the garage behind the brown one. He waits till winter comes and he will be reassembled. If I have it finished I'll make a pic, too."
Now, the car can be found here.

Peter's second Type44
Peter's current Type44

Peter has a slight tendency towards Type44s. He does not still have his first Type44, but he has two others right now. Nevertheless, a few infos to all three:
"The first: Audi 100 CC, 02/84, engine DS 1.8 90PS. I bought this car (my first Audi 100) in 1988 with 56000km (35tmiles). In the following over 300000km (186tmiles) he never failed me. I installed power windows, central locking, additional heating, fog lights from an Audi 80 B4, grill spoiler (not in the pic) and white turning signals (at the time of the pic these were already in my new Audi). The car was repainted in 1997 at the Daimler-Chrysler learning-garage (where future DC mechanics are trained) in tumalingreen metalic, before that he was ghobi metallic (gold). The car was unsellable sadly, so rims off, get everything useful out of the car and brought to the scrapper in August 2001.
The second: [upper left]: When the first Type44 got some problems and the taxes (no catalytic converter!) got more expensive it became time for a new one. Of course, a Type44 again. After more than 12 years with 90PS, I looked for a 100 Sport with the NF engine. Searched, found, bought in May 2001: 11/90, 175.000km (109tmiles), automatic air conditioning, quattro, chrome "plated" windows, board computer, AutoCheck, red rear lights, power windows, cruise control and so on... I installed additional heating, white turning signals, remote control for the central locking. I do not drive this car any longer... Don't panic, he has not left the family, my wife drives him now.

The third [above]: So I needed a new car. We have the 2nd of July, 2001, the car of my wife (Opel Omega) fails the "TUeV" (warranty of fitness) as expected. (The Opel was only a temporary solution as my wife's Audi 80 was a total-loss after an accident without my wife's fault). So she gets the 100 Sport and I look for something stronger. Audi 200 TQ 20V, 10/89, 170000km (106tmiles). I installed so far: Additional heating (new one, as the other remained in the Sport). Planned: red rear lights and perhaps a chip..."
A chip? Peter, than you will need a new license plate, too!

Sascha's Type44


Sascha writes about his Type 44 in that cool colour:
"It is a Business or so, don't know what it is. 9/90, NF, about 160tkm (100tmiles) with sliding roof, additional instruments, velours, 4*power windows, central locking, power steering. Sadly he has no air condition or board computer or check-control. I mounted rims from the Cabrio, grill spoiler, white turning signals, roof antenna, sport steering wheel, CD changer with 1100W, fog lights, red V8 rear lights, tow-bar, „Alulook“ and 40mm (1.6") lowering and a few other things. I bought him in January from the first owner, with 145tkm (90tmiles) and had every service done."


Chris' B4

Chris currently has two Audis and writes about his old Type44:
"Just sending you a picture of my old Type 44, to show that there are Audi fans in Australia too!
I have sold this car and now own two other Audis, a 1993 B4 Audi 80 [left], and a 1991 Type 89 Audi 90 Sport [here].
My Type 44:
Audi 100, 11/85, 239 000 kilometres (148t miles) when sold, 16x7 Antera wheels, lowered 3 inches (7.5cm) (not in photo), automatic, climate control, power windows, sunroof, CD player. Beautiful car to drive, sounded wonderful when driving hard!!!

My Type B4:
Audi 80, 06/93, 2.0 litre 4 cylinder, lowered 2.5 inches, 16x7.5 inch DTM wheels, tinted windows, air conditioning, power windows, clear side indicators etc. This is the car I drive everyday, very quiet, very comfortable.
Please put my cars on your website, to show that Audis are popular in Australia too!!"
Sure! Audi fans are all over the world! :)

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