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Pit's Type89


Pit writes about his Type89:
"I have him for one year, bought it from the first owner. Audi 80 B3, 1987, 1.9 litres (the fuel injection version), 113PS, , several extras. I built a DTM exhaust myself with 95mm (3.75"), 1 FK sport suspension lowered 60/40mm (2/2.4"), aluminium shifter knob, 400Watt car stereo with subwoofer and I have changed a few small things on the car. But I decided not to change anything on the styling itself (body, spoiler, rocker panels or other rubbish made from plastics!!)."


Rune's Type89


Rune Wilthil from Norway writes about his Type89:
"This is my Audi 90 from 1987. It has an 2.2 turbo 10V engine from a Audi 200 turbo (1987 mod). The head has been modified (ported) and it's chipped. It gives 220hp/325Nm. I've just bought me an KKK 26/27 turbo, so I look forward to fit it. Equipped with Azev A 7.5x17, lowered suspention and Yellow Konis. Unfortunately the picture does not show the car with RS2 frontlights and the B4 bonnet, but looks good anyway. Allthough it has run 245 000km (152tmiles), it runs superb. It needs some service (bearings and gaskets)."


Niko's Type44


Niko keeps it short:
"This is My Audi I have treasured it, it's an 1986 audi 5000S, it is fully loaded. If you have any questions feel free to contact me."


Thomas' Type44


Thomas writes about his 200:
"Believe it or not, to buy this car I only had to paid the fuel for the 200km (125miles) transfer trip from Wolfsburg to my home. But the former owner wanted to have the wheels and battery back. I am the third owner of the 200, the last owner had driven him for ten years. He has electronic air condition, detachable trailer hitch, Sport seats with leather insets, black taillights, AutoCheck and BoardComputer and the standard "small stuff". The engine is a KG and -as most KGs- sadly has no catalytic converter. I installed a remote control for the central locking and the RH rims in 8x17 with 225/45. Sadly the car was once respayed very unprofessionally, so there is something to do."


Sascha's 20V


Sascha writes about his 20V:
"As my "old" NF is already presented, now here my second Type44. Both have the same colour by coincidence, I think Zyclam or similar. It is an Audi 200 Turbo quattro 20V. Until now he is 100% stock, and the eqipment is pretty complete. But sadly the interior is -well I would say- "elderly people beige". But this is going to change. He has heated seats, sport seats with leather insets, automatic air condition, four power windows, electric rear view mirrors and so on. But sadly no sunroof and no memory seats."
Who cares? It is a 20V! ;)


Stefan's Coupe


Stefan writes about his winter Coupé:
"I have already announced him, now the season is here, and here he is - the Winteraudi!
All in all, the "Junior" of my Coupés - not even of full age. Next January he turns 17. As I absolutely did not like the wide headlights and the fat bumpers, I made him look older. Long live the twin headlights! Also the awful blue interior with the worn-out seats had to go, now the interior of an '82 Coupé, complete with the matching sport seats is fitted. Otherwise everything is stock and if it wasn't a Coupé, it probably would be boring. Also, the engine is not exciting, a stock DS. Well, exactly the right stuff for the winter."


Mike's 4000


"My name is Mike, and I am from the United States. My Audi is a 1985 4000S. Only modifications are Xenon-type headlights, the windshield sticker, and two "AudiSport North America" stickers on the rear triangular windows. Its powered by a 1.8L 4cyl that's fuel injected and pretty much stock. Rated at only 102HP, but it puts out 126ft.lbs of torque, decent for a lightweight car. Options include power locks (central locking), power windows, power mirrors, rear defrost with mirror heater, air conditioning, original Audi Design Blaupunkt tapedeck, cruise control, 3speed automatic transmission. Interior is a blueish color, not exactly sure on the name...outside is Zermatt Silver. Gauges include the normal..tach, speedo, clock, fuel, temp, oil pressure, volt and oil temp. I will be acquiring a 1985 4000S quattro here in the next few months, I'll be sure to send you pictures of that also!"
Looking forward to this, Mike! :)


Jost's Sport


Jost writes about the second silver Sport in the visitors' gallery:
"After more than one year of patience and some flops I finally found the Audi I always wanted. It is an Audi 100 2.3E Sport, built in 3/90 in silver metalic, has only 97000km (60000miles) with a three speed automatic gearbox (I would have preferred a five speed manual), air conditioning (retrofitted in 2000), power windows all around, power rear view mirrors, power steering, central locking, sun roof, leather steering wheel, outside thermometer and immobilizer (retrofitted in 1994). The white turning signals will defintively come."
And there they are (March 2002).


Jens' 20V

My namesake writes about his former 44er:
"My first Audi was an Audi 100 quattro Exclusiv in plain black. The car was built on the 6th September in 1988 with an 136PS NF engine. Only extras were air conditioning and a sunroof (makes much sens), no power-windows, -mirrors or fog lights!! Except for the Nardi steering wheel, I left it stock and sold/gave it away at 152.000km (94000miles). Now I am driving an Audi 200 20V (see below), but I have to admit that I sometimes miss my 100."
Does anyone know an older Sport than Jens'?

He continues about his current 200 20V:
"It is an Audi 200 20V; 02/90 in panthero-black-metallic, 250000km (155000miles) with driver's airbag, Procon-ten, chrome windows (this is the anti-heat plating), roller blinds at the rear side windows and the rear window, sport seats (partially leather), front and rear seats heated, cruise control, Bose sound and the normal stock options. That is how he was built according to the M-codes. The rear roller blind is gone, the front seats are now full leather, but not sport seats and not heated anymore. The Bose Sound was removed!! Thank you for that!! Opinions about the power differ. The seller said that the car never had a chip, but others say that it has a changed ECU...I will find out someday."



Manuel from Spain drives a Type44 at the moment, but as you can see from the picture, he has a story to tell:
"About the cars:
Audi 80 L 1.600cc -Part from Audi's first postwar release. Stocks a four cyl. four stroke high comp.(11/1) engine developped by Mercedes. The body lasts forever, the roof never leaks. I bought it second hand (about 100000km = 62tmiles), and put over 300000km (186tmiles) more on it. It never failed. When in 1987 I' ve purchased the new 100, the 80 had a paint make-up. Was time for pictures. I got delighted a lot, by sharing both for some years. Unluckily, the hard yearly ITV (our state check for safety), and engine trouble, put it on the junk.

100 1987 2300cc with 5 cylinder and air condition - pretty much the only extra. I must confess some mind disorder for taking such a car, brand new, from dealer. (It's sooo expensive.) Still my actual car in use. 250.000km (155tmiles) over. A well known long life engine. Now little engine rumbler. (I use 98 green gas.) The only replaced part has been the power steering by leaking seals. Of course, pass on yearly ITV.
In 1957 I began to "touch" my father's DKW till now, I had driven and -loved- several Auto Union cars. My father used a DKW 52 (1938 ?), a DKW F 80 (1955), a DKW Junior F 11, and another Junior F12 (we shared). I used: another F 80, a nice 1000S 4T, the youthful F12, two aliens (Ford (Fiesta & Orion) bought mainly to save my old Audi from too much driving too much (I had to travel a lot on work, and I know my country like my hand palm), and finally (I hope not last at all) the 100. By the time when my father used his F80, I was 25 and was looking to my first car. Not a easy task at time, to find another F80 for sale. But a lot of experience with DKWs allowed me to try. One day, running Madrid streets with my father, we saw a parked full black F80. We stopped behind and I took a closer look at it. Humm.. Nice leather simile indoors, no bumps. But.. ¡By heaven's sake! ¿Could I put my girl friend inside a car, that really looks like a enormous cockroach?. The black car had no chrome lines around. If bought, the first task had to be to paint it and refit the (normally) chromed ornaments, these make any car look nicer, especially black ones. Anyway, we left a windshield note to the owner, asking him about a possible sale. I note too, that car tyres were in a near polished state of use. That did not allow for a long trip, although the car looked clean in use. Several days later, we got the call, and the owner told us he wants to change to a slower, easier to park car. The asking price was a little bit over my modest spending projects, but my father offered to lend me the gap. So, we were soon at the owner's home to make the purchasing arrangements. He was an old man, a Pharmaceutic, who wanted to have an easy to turn steering wheel to handle his everyday parking task, so that the car was on good conditions. He told me too, that he was the first and only user, and how it was a beautiful white before but, he had it painted completely in black and any chrome removed on the previous Roman Pope's death, like a mourning signal. Few hours later at night, we ran full throttle (father F 80 on front, and me behind on crazy race to follow him), over the desert and long climbing roads, towards home. Of course I repainted it, replaced the chrome, found a good loud Grundig on it, and had the delight to share my modest first car with my today's wife for years. About one year late, when we (my girl friend and me) drove the Barajas-Madrid autoband with over 100km/h (60mph) speed with the now white and fully cromed shining F 80, on passing (arrogantly) a Seat 600, the guy begins to beat and flash lights, so I understand some emergency. I pull to the side and looked to the 600, now stopped behind. I soon recognized the former F 80 user (the old pharmaceutic and his wife). He than scrutinized amazed his old car's new look. I noted soon his sincere enthusiam on seeing my labour.
This picture (265kB) tries to show my cars in historic sequence."

Models Racing Special
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