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v8kipper's V8

v8kipper describes his immaculate V8 briefly:
"3,6litres, built in 06/91, now 256000km (160tmiles) without problems and it is stock."

Kristians' Type43


Kristians from Latvia has searched and thought for a long time, but now he has it:
"Finally I got the pcitures scanned. So, about my Type 43:
Built in 1981, 150000km (93t miles), 1.6 litre engine with 85hp. Special stuff: Fog lamps, sliding roof (not genuine Audi), centre arm rest from an Audi 200. So far the car is nothing special, but I will customize it a bit. 40mm (1.6") lower, Audi 200 front, 15" ATS Cup rims, coloured glass, colou: dolphin grey metallic, sport exhaust and then some time later a five cylinder with turbo (5T?). Sadly, this is so far my only Audi, but not for long :) In summer I'll probably buy anothzer Audi youngtimer. Another Type 43? or Type 82 or a Type 81?"


Christoph's Typ81 Coupé

Christoph's beautiful Coupé was destroyed in an accident :(
"It is an Audi Coupé Type 81, converted to the 85 model. The car is painted in a typical Rallye paint-job. Sadly he was destroyed in an accident a bit over threee years ago. Eventhough I have driven many Audis, the Coupé was an absolute fun-mobile! Everywhere a head-turner. Nothing (almost) remained stock. Here some details:
5-cylinder carburetor, about 80/55mm (3.1"/2.2") lowered. First 7x15 OZ, then 7x15 TSW AVUS, both with 215/45-15, front spoiler, side skirts, aluminium pedals, sport steering wheel, instrument foil in red, racing seats with Schroth seat belts, home built sport exhaust (only an empty muffler) and much more."


Richard's Type81


Richard writes about his "lucky buy":
"It is an 08/84 80 quattro, 136PS 2144cc 5-cylinder engine, although I believe the car was built in 1983. I bought this car in late 2001 on an internet auction. It has had one owner from new who is now 91 years old and has given up driving. The car had 51000 miles (82000km) when bought. It is completely standard and original, apart from a repaint in 1994, an interior from a later Coupe quattro (the original seat covers were shot), and a radio. The car had no radio when I bought it!"

Heikki's Type43


Heikki from Finland describes his Type43:
"1977 Audi 100 GLS 2,0. The car has the four-cylinder engine, which is pretty rare because it was only assembled before the 5-cylinder carburetor engine was introduced. [Heikki refers to the 2,0 litre engine.] The car has 239 000 original kilometers (149000 miles) on the tacho. I bought this car in May '01, since then the engine has been rebuilt. This car serves me only during the summertime. Before next summer, a few rust spots need repairing, also the seat upholstery will be renewed to its original appearance. Those are the most important things... But overall, this car is in relatively good condition, mainly because it was owned 20 years by one person. My plans with this car are to just keep it in original condition. To the end, Greetings to all Type-43-owners!"

You can get uptodate info about Heikki's car at the AudiWorld Registry.


Rolf's S6

Rolf writes about his S6:
"AUDI S6 4,2 V8 Avant Quattro, first registtartion 5/1996 in Germany, ABS, Airbag, detachable tow bar, , ATS 17" rims with 245/45-17 tires, 290HP, 97'000km (60'000 miles, sliding roof, chromed roof rail, electronic parking aid installed, and so on..."

Robert's Competition


Robert writes about his rare car:
"It is an Audi 80 16V Competition with 140 PS. Only 2500 of it were built. The car is in absolute top-condition and very well maintained. With 140PS it's quite fast and thanks to quattro it sticks to the road like crazy. I have planned a few modifications with the headlights, then he is perfect."


Carstens Sport

Carsten has a really strange 100 Sport:
"I have real curiosity: Audi 100 Sport 2 with 2.5litre 20V engine and 165PS (no typo). The fear of every Audi workshop, and sometimes mine, too, if I have to buy spare parts. Each and every time I hear "That does not exist!" and a second "Oooh!", when we stand in front of the car with all papers. It is built in 02/1990 and I bought it when it was haf a year old from a VW dealer. The colour is Midnight Blue Pearleffect by Porsche (I had to much money once). The car is fully loaded and unchanged apart from the colour.

I used to have a Type44 2.2 with (at the end) 365000km (227000miles) before it was destroyed in a crash.
I also owned a Urquattro as "Fun and Hobby" car that I sold three years ago when the wear got too much."
The 15" rims with 20mm spacers were already installed, but the white turning signals, the red V8 rear lights and the Ernst exhaust were installed by Carsten.

Sam's A-2 Replica

Sam Yeo from Canada has a very unique Urquattro: " My daily driver is a 1990 100 quattro with over 490,000kms (305'000miles), it still has the original motor, transmission and clutch. My toy is a 1983 quattro that has been somewhat modified. I've attached a picture of my 1983 quattro, well it started off as one and has been transformed over the years. The body is the factory A-2 version with sport quattro grill. It has the factory Group B aluminium roll cage, carbon-kevlar race seats, BBS 3 piece rims from the Trans AM quattro and 20 valve turbo motor with approximately 400 bhp.

It was built and maintained by Four Star Motorsports in Georgetown, Canada. These cars are still allowed to compete in North America in the open class category. Four Star Motorsports campaigns an S2 that has won numerous events including the North American Rally title and the fastest time for The Mount Washington Hill Climb."
Awesome conversion, Sam!

Daniel's B4 Avant

Daniel already has his third Audi in the gallery after his old Type44 and his old C4:
"I've got a new car, but it is not a Typ44, however, with such an offer, you just have to say yes!!! So...
'94 2,6 V6 (150 PS) B4 Avant quattro! Dark green metallic (I have to search for the paint's name), 102.000km (63'000 miles) on the clock, air condition, stationary heating, boradcomputer, Autocheck, additional instruments, electric sliding roof, middle armrest front and back, Bose sound, but now with Blaupunkt Kingston DJ., power mirrors and windows, towing hitch, S2 bumper with integrated fog lights and turning signals.

Alu rims 15" with 205 tires, Airbag, make-up mirrors with light left and right, reading lights all around, cantral locking with remote control. One year used car guarantee from Audi, all for 4500 Euros!"
That's really a good price! His new HP project is

Models Racing Special
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