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The successor of the Type44, internly called C4, was introduced to the market as Audi 100, later called A6, was not really a giant leap in 1990. Interieur and seats, as well as the engines and suspension were carried over at least partially from its predecessor. However, they did not look old, what shows how modern the Type44 was -especially after the big face-lift in 1988. The TDI engine now had 140PS and a six gear manual gearbox. Besides that the smaller 1.9 TDI that was introduced in the Audi 80, was introduced to the A6. With time, new engines were developped and a very good insulation against noise did its part to make a ride in a C4 very pleasant. The top of the line A6 was the S6 (in the beginning called S4, when the C4 was called Audi 100), S4/S6 4.2 and the S6 4.2+ with 326PS. These were real grenades which could stand proudly against M5s or tuned E-Classes.
The hood, bumpers and mirrors show it: It is not an A6 C4, but Christer's Audi 100 C4 with added white turning signals on the front and side.

A European Audi 100 S4 C4 (The driver removed the S4 batch for understatement ;). The S4 had white turning signals, standard was orange.
But there was a small series of Audi 100 Sport Edition, which also had white turning signals. This special series further had DE-headlights, additional instruments, five spoke aluminium rims, sport seats, the S4 rearlight panel, those cargo rails for the Avant and no chrome. Thnaks to Markus for the info!
With the introduction of the C4, the name Audi 200 died on the European market. The S4 was available with the 230PS 20V fivecylinder Turbo and the 280PS 4.2 V8. The S4 had body-coloured rear-view mirrors as standard.

A US Audi 100 C4. In the USA, too, the new car carried over the name of the C3/Type 44 until the name was changed to A6 in mid 1994.

This is a Euro S6 Avant. Now, white turning signals are standard not only for the S-models. To distinguish an A6 C4 from an Audi 100 C4, you have several possibilities. One is the bumpers, the other one is the hood with the grille: While the grille has two nearly parallel edges on the Audi 100, the A6's hood is formed more like a "V". Another, rather strange thing is the smaller rear-view mirror on the side of the co-pilot on the A6. Its only function is to yield a better drag coefficient. In trade you get an unharmonic look and less rear-view area. Besides that, the new rear-view mirrors look sleeker and now come body coloured on all cars.
The S6 now was also available as S6+, having the 326PS 4.2 V8. Avants and Limos were available, but the Limos are even rarer than the Avants, this is true for "standard" S4/S6, too.

The US version of the A6 looks nearly the same as the European one, if it was not for the turning signals.
More info about the C4:
If you see a C4 from behind, you have another possibility to tell if it is an 100 (200) or A6: If there is a black plastic part between the rearlights, it is an Audi 100 (or 200 in USA). If it is only red, it is an S4/S6. If it is body coloured, it is an A6.

European Audi 100 S4. Note the vertical orientation of the lights.

European Audi S6. Note the slight angle to the sides of the lights.
Both have rather large double-flow exhausts.

European Audi 100 with the 2.6 V6.
Double exhaust tips, similar to the S4's, but a bit smaller.

European Audi A6 with the 1.9 inline 4 TDI of the Audi 80 B4.
Both TDIs, the 1.9 and the inline 5 2.5, have double exhaust tips, angled downwards.

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