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1965 is the most importeant year for Audi since its founding in 1909: The brand name Audi gets reanimated. The DKW F 102 gets implanted the 4 cylinder fourstroke engine that was developped in the time Auto Union belonged to Mercedes Benz (1958 till 64).

DKW F 102(1)

The engine should become famous under the name of the "Mitteldruckmotor" what translates to mid-pressure engine and refers to the fact that it has a rather high compression, placing it in the "middle" between Diesel- and Otto-engines. A high compression is decisive get a good efficiency. The new car bears a simple name:


Soon after its introduction, the name Audi 72 gets known, as it has 72hp. In short intervalls models were introduced having the same body but different engines. To be precise, these were the Audi 60 (55hp), Audi 80 (80PS) and in December of 1966 the well equipped Audi 90 with -yes- 90hp. In the same period of time, the Audi 75 with 75hp replaced both the Audi 72 and the Audi 80.
Body styles were twodoor and fourdoor Sedans and a twodoor stationwagon called Variant (!).


Super 90(2)

These pics were taken 99 in Monterey. They show an Audi Super 90.

Super 90 engine(2)

The new car, a mixture between old twostroke days and modern fourstroke technology sold well. So well in fact, that the Technical Director Dr. Kraus wanted to engineer an real Audi, with Audi workers in an Audi plant.
But VW insisted that every development had to take place at the VW plant.
But can an Audi engineer be shocked by that?
The answer to this you can get at the page of the Audi 100.

If you want to learn more about the Mitteldruckmotoren and the first new Audis, you can visit the famous German ACDM
Audi Club der Mitteldruckmotoren

Another page with beautiful images (for example of that gorgeous Super 90) is the German page of Stephan Schaefer

Models Racing Special
New start Small Medium: B Large: C Extra large: D Concept_cars

(1)Stephan Schaefer
(2) Ti Kan (sitting in the car Stephan Schaefer)
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