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In 8/76 the second generation of the Audi 100 was introduced to the market: the angular Type43 as 2-door and (much more often) 4-door limo. Accompanying the sedan was from 9/77 on the first Avant that could be described as the first life-style wagon. The top of the line Audi 100 was powered by a 5-cylinder that should become famous. Out of 2.2 litre (that must be around 134 cui ) it provided 136PS (100kW). Not bad already, especially if you consider the low weight. But what followed in 9/78 was probably a shock to the established upper-class companies: The Audi 200 was introduced, but not only with the normally aspirated engine 5E, also the 5T was born. 5T standing for 5-cylinder Turbo. 170 PS catapulted the visually light appearing Audi 200 into the premium sector for the first time. The first step to where Audi is today. 5T
The main optic difference between the 100 and the 200 were the front lights. The lights of the Audi 100 looked more friendly and provided better light, whereas these of the 200 looked more aggressive. A comment of an owner: "It is like having candles sitting ontop the bumper!" Another friend (owner of the dark-blue 2-door below) converted his headlight power supply to relays and lived happily ever after. They stay a matter of taste! The Audi 200 was better equipped (power windows for example) and had 5-cylinder engines as a standard, ABS was an option. Also noteably are the 200's bumpers that have additional chrome.
This is an Audi 100 Type 43 Avant before the facelift in 9/79. It still has the small lights and the yellow turning signals. Note also the bumper: It looks much more clumsy than that after the facelift. At that time, when you ordered fog lights, these were mounted below the bumper, much like aftermarket items.
Three cars, three stages. On the left a standard Audi 200. Double headlights. In the bumper fog lights and turning signals. Besides the headlights there is an orange cover (not visible here, see the green Audi 200 5T above). This is only a cover, no turning signal. Also see the picture below.
The blue two-door in the middle is a model after the facelift. Bigger lights, nicer bumpers (one part) and white turning signals are most important on the outside. Now the fog lights are integrated into the bumper, making it look much smoother.
On the right is a modified car. It has Audi 100 lights and turning signals but the Audi 200 bumpers. As the front spoiler looks pretty much like an Audi 200 item, I would say it is an Audi 200 converted to the better Audi 100 lights.
This is a 2-door limo converted to Audi 200 looks (and technic!). The 200 front mask has the orange covers (see picture above) painted black. By the way: The wheels are Urquattro wheels. As the 200 had 5x112 while the Audi 100 had 4x108 (that describes the mounting holes in the rims, first number=number of holes, second number=diameter in mm of the circle upon that the holes are.) So this conversion was only possible as the owners converted the whole drivetrain to 200 5T technology. Done very professionally!


These are two interesting pics. Both Type 43s are US Audi 5000s. You can see the double headlight configuration and the US bumpers that have the 200 chrome parts like in Europe, but have other turning signals. What makes these pics interesting is that the upper car is clearly based on an Audi 200: 5 holes in the rims, spoiler and wheels. The car below is equipped with aluminium rims that are an Audi 100 part and only came as a 4-holes version in Europe. As the cars also lacks the Audi 200 front spoiler and the thick plastic side guards of the 200 but has the 100 L chrome trim from back to rear (about 7 inches below the window line), I would say that it is based on an Audi 100. Obviously, both where sold under the same name in the US; but it is interesting to see that they nearly looked the same, whereas in Europe these cars were easy to distinguish.
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(1) Audi press photo
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