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1968 was a decisive year on the route to becoming a premium brand: The first Audi 100 was introduced in December. Completely engineered by Audi, without knowledge or allowance of VW it found the approval of VW in the end. Liked by customers and press alike (pun intended), a two-door sedan (10/69) and a very beautiful Coupe (9/70) completed the lineup. Audi used the gearbox and frontwheel drive of the Audi 90, everything else was newly engineered. The brakes were mounted not at the wheels, but directly at the gearbox, in the middle of the car. Low unsprung masses are an advantage, on the negative side are high stress for the drive shafts (Brake power is higher than engine power!) and the danger of oil spill on the brake discs. This problem was solved in 1970. Older cars could be updated to that new standard using a special kit that was available from Audi.
A type name is unknown to me, but the internal code C1 should fit.

A German limo. Room was really plenty: You did not need to take off your hat! Seriously: Trunk and passenger area are roomy, even for today's standards.

The US sedan of Bruce Toski from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who is constanly searching for contact to all first series Audi 100 drivers. You can clearly see the position lights that are pretty obvious on the US C1. As Bruce's Coupe is from 1972, it still has the small (Euro) bumpers!

A very rare two-door sedan. It was 300DM (today roughly 150Euro) cheaper than the equivalent 4-door limo. It was also available in a beautiful twotone paint job.

Limo and Coupe happily together. Today, nearly only the rare Coupes have survived. This paradoxon happens to nearly every sedan and is not limited to make or year. The Coupe was pretty expensive in those days and is it again today. But the sedans more and more close the gap as people realize that there are only a few left.
Both cars have the twin headlights setup. It is standard on the Coupe and came from 9/1971 onwards in the Audi 100 GL which has the Coupe engine. From 1973 on, you could buy the "M" option, including twin headlights, for the Audi 100 and 100 LS, with their weaker engines. It was a rather popular option. In the US, twin headlights with seal beams instead of the Euro H1 lights were standard for all 100s since 1970.

This Coupe is something special. There were no Coupes in the USA, but this one has late US bumpers and position lights. Reason:
The first owner was the US Ambassador in Greece who wanted his Coupe to follow US specifications! So Audi built it that way. Today, it belongs to Theodosios, a greek Audi fan. Porsche 928 rims in 7x16 with 225/45/16, Porsche/RS2 brakes in front, V8 brakes in the rear and a lowered suspension are the main parts of his conversion.
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Models Racing Special
New start Small Medium: B Large: C Extra large: D Concept_cars
C1   C2   C3   C4   C5

(1) My pic
(2) Pic by Bruce Toski
(3) Pic by Theodosios
Additional thanks go to Joerg Lohrbach of the ACDM for the infos on twin headlights.
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