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In the USA, turbocharged Audi 90 quattro (IMSA-Series) and 200 quattro (Trans-Am-Series) won championships or multiple wins as first non-American cars! Today, only cars with normally aspirated V8 engines and rear-wheel-drive are allowed to participate.
This was taken during a race-weekend at Sears in 1988. Hans Joachim Stuck (as always with "his" #44) hunts Walter Roehrl (#14).
The car is widened very much, especially in the back, giving it a whole new look.

strut mounting point This is the upper mounting point for the front strut. Together with the lower mounting points and the steering linkage nearly every aspect of the suspension can be modified.
front wheel This is the front wheel. Unbelievable, huh? The rim here is not designed for lowest wind resistance. The little shovels transport air through the rim onto the hot brakes. This can also be seen on Rallye cars like the Lancia Delta. The aerodynamic losses are rather high so that the shovels are smaller than these of the slower Rallye cars.
trunk Here you can see what a large trunk is good for. Pay especially attention to the Wheel wells that are widened into the trunk. Nevertheless it is still big enough to hold that huge tank without problems.
Diff The rear diff with drive shaft with carbon reinforcement. Nice the drilled brake discs. You can see the belt drive to the alternator, sitting where once the back seat was. (below) (2)
engine The engine that was according to Audi stock inwards with its 510hp. 5cylinder turbo as it should be. You can see the free place on the driver's side. As the 10V has intake and outlet both on the right side of the engine, this place is pretty crowded. The 20V breathes from left to right.
Interesting the GfK cover of the timing belt.

The 200 TransAm was built by cutting away everything from a standard 200 that would hinder the suspension and replacing it by an auxiliary frame that would take all the components.
The opponents of the 200 were farer away from stock configuration. Basically thay were high powered frames with a body shell of the production car.
In 1988 the TransAm Audis won the constructor's championship on September the 3rd with the cars of Walter Roehrl, Hans Joachim Stuck and Hurley Haywood. Haywood won the driver's championship in the second to last race on September the 25th.

More pics? No problem: Here!

Models Racing Special
Rallye Pikes Peak TransAm IMSA Talladega DTM STW DTM2000 LeMans Others

(1) origin: Mike Veglia of Motor Sport Visions
(2) origin: Scott Mockry
(?) origin unknown
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