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530hp and 740Nm in the S1 (Rallye version) gave new dimensions to speed on dirt surfaces. Till Audi got so far much had to be developped.
Incarnation: The slim Urquattro Evolution: building muscles
Revolution: Audi S1 Mutation: Audi S1 for Pikes Peak,
called "Batmobile" due to the large wings
During the evolution of the quattro, they won everything in the World Rallye Championship. Even after the end of the 600hp monsters, the Audi 200 won some races and several titles in national championships.
One could talk till no end about the S1. One could say that Audi made a malconstruction, one could prove it by the many successes of Lancia and Peugeot. One could also say that shortening the car by 10 inches made the car more unstable but only slightly lighter. And one could say that the Audi was to heavy on the front, caused by the front engine.
There is surely some truth to this. But: The end of the 600hp monsters was near and the decision to drive a car that at least ressembles the technic in the normal production car, makes more sense to me than building midengine projectiles which only remind of mass production cars by body (Peugeot) or name (Lancia). So, the weight distribution was always a problem, in Rallyes as well as in touringcar championships. The engines sits very far in front, even for a front engine car. Nevertheless, the last S1 had a weight distribution of about 52 to 48percent. This was made possible by consequently placing batteries, oil and water coolers in the rear. The ideal of a midengine design, to have very much weight concentrated around the middle, could never be achieved. The Audi had most of its weight in front of the front axle and behind the rear axle. Concluding I think that Audi's decision was right.

[Safari with 200](1)
And the idea to use a 200 for Rallyes seems insane at first glance, too. Why didn't they set up an Audi 80 or Coupe? Actually, they tested both against the 200. And the 200 outperformed both nearly everywhere! And being to large and heavy for some Rallyes did not stop the 200 to win some stages at the Rallye Monte Carlo, driven by Walter Roehrl. Oh, and Monte Carlo is not exactly known for its long straightaways!
[Monte with 200](2)
Here you can see pretty good, how Walter Roehrl drifts with his 200 through the "Monte" with its snowy streets. Although he is an experienced drifter he probably had to set back several times more than the Lancias in those tight curves.

Models Racing Special
Rallye Pikes Peak TransAm IMSA Talladega DTM STW DTM2000 LeMans Others

(1) Probably an Audi advertisement
(2) Sacnned by Tom from an Audi brochure.
(?) origin unknown

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