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This was taken during the 1999 Monterey Historics. The car is an Audi 90 Turbo quattro of the IMSA series. It may look smaller and leaner than the 200TQ, as it is widened everywhere. But it nearly as wide, only shorter.
Beneath the body shell it is extremer, too. While the 200TQ was hindered by a relatively strict rules book, the IMSA rules are pretty open.
without hood(1) Here you can see how low the 20V engine sits in the engine compartement. The engine is a close relative to the Pikes peak engine. It has 620hp and at the end of the season you could even hear that it has 720hp. together with the balnced weightand the aerodynamic package, this was truely a dang fast car.
from behind(2) here you can see the rear double wing and the air outlets from the rear wheel wells.
interieur(2) Perhaps not the most comfortable working places but surely one of the fastest. During the 200 to 500 miles of a race, it could get quite hot in there.
exhaust(2) Well, the exhaust fumes have to go somewhere. As the car sits so low, this was the best solution.
engine(3) Once more the engine. Again you can see: intake left, exhaust right = 20V.
The turbocharger sits pretty far in front, near the cooling opening. Probably not the charger as a whole, but only the high pressure part is cooled. because if you cool the exhaust fumes before the charger you destroy some of the energy that is still in them. The intercoolers for the pressurized air are placed in the front bumper.
from behind
Here you can see the second type of rear wing that was used on some tracks. It strongly ressembles that of the 200 TransAm. On few tracks it was raced without the additional mounting brackets.
front view
Again the "turbo rims" known from the 200 TransAm and Rallye cars, this time with a slightly other rim. Also visible is the interieur cooling air inlet on the A-pillar.

Sadly Audi could not participate in the first two races of the 1989 season as tracks were not over. Nevertheless it became a successful year. Walter Roehrl, Hans-Joachim Stuck and Huley Haywood won the vice-constructor's championship for Audi and in the driver's championship Stuck finished third and Haywood fourth.

More pics? No problem: Here!

Models Racing Special
Rallye Pikes Peak TransAm IMSA Talladega DTM STW DTM2000 LeMans Others

(1) origin: Motor Sport Visions
(2) origin: Tom Nas
(3) Scanned by Jeffrey from a magazine.
(?) origin unknown
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