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Here you will find some things that are not meant to be taken too seriously.
You can use all items (pics, sounds, dolls) on your Audi-friendly homepage, as long as you link to
Have fun!

How does my Audi sound?
Everyone who is interested in this can find some answers in the files below. The .wav-files are zipped, to save download time 846kB, all sounds at once!
My favourite is AudiNF2.wav. *vrroaam*

How did the files come into existence?
"After some weeks of thinking and buying, doing and trying, finally the first .wav files of my microphone in my '90 Audi 100 Sport have arrived in the net. The microphone is a $1.50 capsule connected via a short cable to a pre-amplifier and finally to line-in of my old JVC car audio. Recording was done with a laptop-PC over line-out of my radio. The microphone is mounted below the rear bumper, the pre-amp for now is behind the rear middle armrest. Oh, engine is an inline 5 with 2.309ccm and 98kW/133PS (engine code "NF").
Special thanks go to everyone who helped me, especially the guys from our German forum and the members of the quattrolist. Furthermore, the sales men from my local electronics-shop where I purchased everything for this low-budget project and who had to deal with my questions. Mega-thanks to Olli Wischerath ( I tortured already and will continue to do. Mr. Polster who helped me soldering, last but not least my father for his understanding and that he had the nerves to control his laptop while recording and his son driving madly on that wet&winding road ;)"
From the accompanying .txt-file.
Doors open and close Custom cars
Interesting what you can do with Animationshop, right?
And together with Paint Shop Pro there are even more possibilities (right animation).
The pics are available separately:
Hurgh, ugly wheel caps on this real pic!

Avus rims, aluminium rear view mirrors, fornt spoiler, rear skirt, smoothed the door handles.


Coupé with BBS rims, wheelbase, rear "overhang", dropped the roof ("top chop"), pillars not as steep as real car, near front spoiler

Nomad with different BBS rims, front roof as at the Coupé

My next "baby" is a KiSS "doll" of my Audi. Take a look:
Typ44 2door station wagon
You can download it here. (160kB) Do not expand the archive!
For playing you will need a viewer, you can get it from
It is not large, but fun (hopefully).
What all this is? Some kind of electronic puzzle/dress up doll ;)

With the grafic files I made for this projects, I came up with the following:


2door sedan

4door station wagon

2door station wagon

Models Racing Special
Your Audis My Audis Special Audis Galleries Links
My Type44  My Type43  Sounds&Fun

All pics, sounds and other files belong to me and are used with permission ;)
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